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Sew exciting

Today, I am starting my new quilt project. I have ordered the cloth kit in the US which I have never done before. I was surprised how short it took until it arrived here. Take a look at the neat stash.

© Heike Scharmann 2010

I am almost reluctant to mess it up but some day I have to get started with ironing and cutting them all.

I will keep you curious and will not show you how the finished quilt will look like. I loved it the moment I saw a picture of it in my quilting magazine.

© Heike Scharmann 2010

In the past few weeks I sewed many tiny projects for our annual easter market. My sister and me have been asked by the organizers if we would like to have a little exhibition of our quilt works during the market (they ask every year another craftsman to show off his/her work). So beside the big exhibition objects like king size quilts and wall hangings that are not for sale but rather nicked of the beds and walls of our homes, I decided to make some small stuff like these birdhouses and some starfish and seahorses which hopefully someone will buy.

© Heike Scharmann 2010

© Heike Scharmann 2010



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