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Extra long place mat

And again, I have been waiting a very long time to be able to continue. Then sewed all the new blocks in one weekend.

Beside the farm, the church, and the school, the quilt features four houses. Each in its way unique—but I suspect that they must have had the same architect.

© 2011 by HS

© 2011 by HS

© 2011 by HS

© 2011 by HS

This last one would be our house, by the way. Roses climbing up the walls, an almost inpenetrable jungle of greens meandering around the house in all possible directions, and the rose-red pattern even reminds me of the trellis on our front wall. Moreover, we live in a neighbourhood of look-alike houses. They were all built in the nineteenfifties, and our house even has a twin on its left side. Nevertheless, the two houses look as different as their owners’ taste allows—just like any two quilts made by different quilters. It is only on second sight that you recognize the similarities.

The abstract mind once again was tempted with four mosaik blocks. I sewed them in two different fabric combinations because I ran out of greens. At least of the greens I wanted to use in this special quilt. You might recognize them, I already used them for the trees.

© 2011 by HS

© 2011 by HS

The other day, I started a very quick project. I came across a pattern that might be familiar to you: Brocken Dishes. I did not know it so far but I understand that it is a classic. It consists of only three different fabrics. I liked the pattern so much that I decided to squeeze in a small quilt—at least a short table runner or something. Look at the result.

© 2011 by HS

As soon as Andre saw the finished quilt top, he cried out “These were my shirts!” And he was right. Beside the grey fabric, the quilt consists of two worn out shirts of his. So he claimed the finished quilt for himself and indignantly stated that he had missed these two shirts in his wardrobe for many weeks.—Must have been years, for it were many years since I sorted them out. But now he is very content with his new “extra long place mat”, as he calls it.

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