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One last detail

© 2011 by Heike Scharmann

Do you know what this is? Right—a wedding apparently. I like those funny pictures where you only see a detail but know on first sight what it is. When your mind adds the missing parts of the picture and you realise that the detail you see is not the most important part of it—but still you can tell what it is. Okay, in this particular example I could not have chosen any other cut-out that would have been harder for you to guess. A wedding is just too obvious.

But here is another challenge for you:

© 2011 by Heike Scharmann

Okay, this picture shows not only a detail but the reverse side. And you may take a guess at how the front side will look like. Or—if you are an experienced quilter—you can even guess the name of the pattern?

It is actually my third attempt at the flag block. I followed my own advise and scanned other quilters’ works for an idea. And I must own: I had many. All of a sudden I had to decide which idea to realise.

Since the flag’s rectangle should not exceed 7 to 15 inches, I could not do a large or too complicated a pattern. So I resolved to do a simple pattern in a small scale. I started with 2 inch squares and ended up with 1  1/8 inch triangles. Working with such tiny bits was really fun! The most important part of this pattern is colour placement. I like the Amish quilt I borrowed the idea from because of the use of colour. It really teases the eye and gives the impression of movement. Ideal for a flag flaunting on a pole!

Of course, my flag does not symbolise any country. If anything, it stands for the imaginary state of all the quilters of the world. I fancy that anyone who has ever done a quilt in his or her life would look at this flag and find something to identify with. Like a language among like-mindeds that is universally understood. That is the message I would wish my flag to transport: Take a piece of cloth, a needle, and a thread—and then anything is possible.

I will post no picture of the flag’s front side and thus spoil the riddle. You will see soon enough the overall result when I will present the finished quilt top here. And I can promise to do so within this month.

(in case you cannot wait)


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