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When Harry Met Sally

© MGM/20th Century Fox Home Ent.

When Harry Met Sally. I have watched this movie very often, indeed, and I have liked it ever since I first watched it. It has such a light, cheerful atmosphere, touching deep feelings, but always surfacing again with a comical moment.

I am a little ashamed to admit that it was only when I watched it a few days ago that I realised—for the first time really realised the gorgeous quilt which Sally owns. It is a lovely piece in white, yellow, and green—I had noticed that much before already. But only then have I identified the design as somewhat familiar: eight tulips forming a swirl, and another eight blossoms in the centre of it. I have appliquéd this very design for my album quilt.

© MGM/20th Century Fox Home Ent.

A short enquiry of the internet produced the name of the pattern: Windblown Tulips by Marie Webster, a well-known designer of quilt designs in the early 20th century. Apparently, it was one of her earliest designs, and published as a pattern in 1911. Wow!

© by Heike Scharmann

You might have noticed that—beside the obvious difference in colour—in my pattern the darker shaded tulips are on the outside, and the lighter shades in the centre, while in Sally’s quilt it is the other way round. This makes the yellow version twirls look more compact, while the red version seems somewhat projecting.

Now I am really proud that my sampler quilt features a pattern of the quilt used in one of my favourite movies ever.

© MGM/20th Century Fox Home Ent.


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