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Farmer’s wife: Windmill

For the Farmer’s Wife quilt, I am spending considerable time on fabric choice. I cannot copy Laurie Hird’s sample since I am using totally different fabrics—design and colour. But in addition, I must say that sometimes I am not completely convinced of Laurie’s fabric choice when it comes to colour and value.

The windmill block is a bad example for stating my point because I like Laurie’s version very much.

When beginning a new block, I frequently start by looking at what other people did. I am gathering photo references on my Pinterest board “farmer’s wife”—both of Farmer’s wife blocks I think especially pretty, and especially, well, unhappy in fabric choice/colour combination. Thus, I have for each block a clue as to how to make it perfectly right, or what to avoid at any rate.


© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

The windmill block was very easy to sew, but nevertheless very satisfactory.


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