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Farmer’s wife: Wild Goose Chase

Today, I sewed a particularly pretty little block.

Wild Goose Chase

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

I often asked myself what is so very appealing to the traditional goose block. I confess I do not know.

Anyone who is familiar with the Farmer’s Wife quilt, will notice that I did not stick to the original pattern—again. This time, however, coincidentally. I did not look into the pattern when joining the last two seams, and I was very sure that the two rows of geese should fly in opposite directions. I only found out later that this is not what Laurie Hird intended. But still, I did not redo the block because I like it just the same, or even better, for it scotches the impression of looking at two very tall fir trees.


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  3. I believe this is Flying Geese, not Wild Goose Chase. 🙂

    • thank you, soni, for your kind and considerate comment. i appreciate it! the naming of quilt blocks is a vast field and much could be said … i know many examples where quilt blocks are called by different names in different regions or countries. the “flying geese” and “wild goose chase” blocks are especially tough to seperate. according to a large volume i own (quilt names and patterns), the “flying geese” block consists of half square triangles!—i wish i could add an image here. whereas the “wild goose chase” block always features geese blocks looking in the same direction, giving the impression that several geese follow each other. Howsoever this might be 🙂 in the end, every quilter is free to name his/her blocks any way they like. when sewing the “farmer’s wife quilt”, i followed laurie hird’s instructions and naming of the quilt blocks, and she named this one “wild goose chase”.


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