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Farmer’s wife: Spider Web

Spider Web

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

I like this block very much, though I do not like spiders or their webs. We have many—really many—of them lodging in our basement. And big ones! I mean, we have small ones also, I guess, but they do not annoy me as much as the big ones. When I am in the basement, I pretend not to see them. And they pretend not to see me. So we are getting on in some way. Principally, I think they have no right to be in our house. I think they would have a much better life outside—anywhere else. But they choose to be there. My forbearance ends, however, at the staircase. When I see a big one crawling on the wall of the staircase, or having installed herself there in a corner, I take out an old broom that I keep for this purpose only. I never sweep with it, it is too old and not fit for regular use (one of the very few things we kept from the former owner of our house). This is the spider killer. But enough of this ugly topic.

I am introducing a new fabric here which I did not mean to use at all. It is of a beautiful turquoise, but I thought it had to much gold/beige in it to go with the rest of my fabrics. It is still true, if compared with all the blocks I’ve sewn so far, it looks a bit pale or too “warm”. But I like this paisley really very much, and I think it makes this block especially look so classy—not at all like our basement …


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  1. I’m not fond of spiders either. Here in Melbourne our big spiders are a variety known as huntsmen. They’re not dangerous, but they look it 😦


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