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Farmer’s wife: Single Wedding Star

Single Wedding Star

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

I have to compliment myself on this very successful block.—Um … yes, why not? I think it very pretty. Even more so when you know how it came together. As always, it took me a considerable amount of time to choose the fabrics. I didn’t mean to use my only plaid again (I already used it in the last block, Snowball, and am quickly running out). But then, I saw such a lovely Single Wedding Star by BeeInMyBonnet which I pinned directly to my Pinterest board. He or she used exactly my plaid in creamy yellow tones.

Once I had decided on the plaid, I needed a really good contrast to go with it. I already used this dark turquois in combination with the plaid in Waterwheel and Squash Blossom, and thought it went together very well, although I cannot understand why. For some mysterious reason, however, I had put the dark turquois fabric back into my fabric closet, resolved not to use it again in this quilt. I cannot remember why! It is the darkest shade of turquoise that I have in my fabric assortment, and I am convinced I will need it furthermore.


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