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Farmer’s wife: Shooting Star

I bought two new fabrics, and I used one of them in this block. It is the dark turquoise with the flowers almost looking like LeMoyne Stars. As you might notice, I am no fan of buying and using fabrics of one fabric line. I will mix whatever I think fits together in colour and style. Of course, it is somehow easier to use together what was designed to be together. But I think there lies some kind of danger in there, too. I have seen quilts that look rather dull because their fabrics blend in too well.

Shooting Star

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

Once only, I ordered a fabric kit for a quilt I saw in McCall’s Quilting Magazine. I wanted this quilt to look exactly like the one featured there. I still think it is one of the most beautiful quilts I possess (Seaside Cotillion), but—it is hard to describe—there is something missing in this quilt. Somehow, it “feels” as if I ordered not the fabrics but the whole quilt. Anyone could have sewn this quilt, with exactly these fabrics. If I choose the fabrics by myself, I am sure that there is not another quilt like this in the world. It is not the uniqueness that attracts me but the creative process before sewing (which is missing when buying a quilt kit), and the fact that the result somehow reflects me—and not some fabric designer.


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