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Farmer’s wife: Seasons

Seasons was very easy to sew, but again rather hard to decide on fabrics. As I read more and more blogs about Farmer’s Wife Quilt Samplers, I come to realize that choosing the fabrics for each block is a very important issue with many quilters, which has—if neglected—an immediate, and grave influence on the whole project. In fact, I have read quite often about “redoing” blocks—something I certainly would like to avoid (with my anxiety to never waste fabric!).


© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

With Seasons, I am introducing another new fabric I bought at a new quilt shop in town. Strictly speaking, the shop is not so very new, it just moved to town a fortnight ago. Which is very convenient of course.

When considering the fabrics for Seasons, I had a strong inclination to use four different fabrics symbolizing the four seasons. I cannot understand why Laurie did not—and so many other quilters with her. But then I found that recently I already had several blocks with more than two or three different fabrics in them, but I prefer it rather plain. Still, I thought something had to be done to this design to make it more … understandable. So I switched light and dark fabrics and am pretty content with the result.



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