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Farmer’s wife: Railroad

This was an easy block, squares and half square triangles are a safe harbour.


© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

But I like it very much. It’s so inspiring to see what you can make out of two “simple” forms. Next up will be coming several blocks consisting merely of squares and triangles, but each is a whole different world, incomparable. And if you take into consideration that each block would look different still if you used other prints or more than two … a zillion possibilities!



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  2. how can I get a patter to this block

  3. Wat size r u blocks and triangles on this quilt and hw many blocks did it take

    • finished blocks are 4.5 inches squared, instead of 6 inches in the original. 110 blocks in total if i remember correctly. but the pattern has variations for different sizes with fewer blocks

      • how much material would I need for a twin size of two different materials not including the backing?

  4. lindo trabalho

  5. This looks nice and the technique seems a good fit for my current skill level. Also interested in the dimensions for each completed block. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nontsikelelo Tseka

    I like this piece nice and simple I would like to see the piece measurements as a beginner, I feel confident to try this pattern

  7. peggy josefowicz

    how can I get the pattern for the railroad quilt

  8. Have you ever read the books about the quilting history that helped the slaves to get to Canada?

  9. How can I get this pattern.

  10. Do you have a picture of the book cover, as she has several of this title?

  11. Joan hensley

    Love working with squares and triangle squares. Thanks


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