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Farmer’s wife: Puss in the Corner

After sewing this block, I did a little research on the name. I didn’t know that Puss in the Corner is a children’s game. Surely, games like this do exist in every country, with similar rules but under various names: one player stands in the centre and has to try to gain a free place, and the player who looses his place is the next one to stand in the centre trying to gain a free place …

Puss in the Corner

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

I admit that I had some difficulty in sewing this block, though it looks and is a very simple design. I cannot really explain how it happened, but I actually needed three attempts until I finally came up with this result. Maybe, it was because I started before work, or maybe I just had a bad day. On the first attempt, I made the mistake of ripping off the paper before cutting the pieces to their final size plus seam allowance. When I noticed, I still tried to save it, but it would not work.

Next, I tried to rotary cut the half square triangles, because I was to lazy to turn on the PC and print out new paper piecing patterns. I used my Robert Kaufmann App to calculate the size, and at first it really looked alright, but in the end, the pieced corner squares were too big.

I gave up then and went to work, printed out a new set of paper piecing patterns in the evening, and finished it off in no time. Strange …

But now that I know of the children’s game as the name giver of this block, I think that my approach to this block fits to it perfectly. I was puss, so to speak, and needed three attempts to gain a corner.



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  1. Where can I get this pattern at ,I really like this


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