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Farmer’s wife: Pine Tree

Oh no! I did another flop! And it is Pine Tree, of all blocks! So many pieces, so elaborate! I don’t know what came into my head when deciding on these prints. And I took especial care to the direction of the stripe print. Boohoo!

To top it off, the block is distorted like no other. Worst block so far!

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

I thought about redoing it completely in green with a white background. But then, green is supposed to be a highlighting colour only, and I already did a wholly green block. So I finally opted for a medium dark turquoise print with a white background. The only thing I repeated is the fussy cut trunk of the pine tree.

Pine Tree

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

I hope you are with me when I say: Molto meglio!


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  1. Yes,molto meglio (and I had to consult the dictionary on that one) but I didn’t actually notice the stripes going in different directions on the first block until you pointed them out.

    • You really are too kind! I still consider the first version a complete failure. But what you wrote of the quilt of “orphan” blocks made me laugh very much. My remark on making such a quilt wasn’t meant too seriously, but now that you wrote about it … I will keep that in mind … more so since I truely hate throwing blocks away—even if they’re ugly.

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