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Farmer’s wife: Peace & Plenty

Peace & Plenty

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

Notwithstanding the name, Peace & Plenty cost me some nerves—no peace, but plenty of waste fabric.

And all this solely because I wanted to save time, some cutting, and thread. Technically, this block consists of 32 half square triangles. But since 16 of them meet with the same colour/print, I decided to take a shortcut there. Which meant I would neither use Laurie’s templates, nor paper piece the block. Instead I wanted to figure out what size I had to cut my squares in order to get the four quarter square triangles you can see in the middle.—And I simply couldn’t. I measured, and calculated, and read tips on the internet—but no, it would not work out.

I will not write down how I finally succeeded in sewing the block you can see above. I am neither proud of it, nor did I save any fabric, thread, or time, as a matter of fact. But up to now, I can dispose of two ugly blocks, one oversized block, and some small quarter square triangle blocks, and now am playing with the thought of sewing them into a “quilt of failures” in the end, since I am sure, I will add to their number in time.



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  1. I suspect the ‘quilt of failures’ might end up being very visually interesting. I went to a quilt show last year where the guild members had sewn together all their orphan blocks and appliqued the words ‘Quilt Show’ on some plan fabric attached to them. They thew the whole thing over a parked car to promote their event. It looked fantastic and it did an excellent promotional job. I applaud whoever came up with that idea.

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