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Farmer’s wife: Farmer’s Daughter

I am writing about my Farmer’s Wife quilt only, for a considerable amount of time now. Though I am not yet tired of the subject, I am aware that this could justly be called dreary. I don’t even know why I only post Farmer’s Wife topics because I have a lot more going on besides.

Last weekend, I bought a huge amount of batting, hauled the dining room table and chairs into the living room, wiped the floor and there, basted my Baltimore Album quilt. You can have a look at each of the twentyfive blocks, I posted pictures in an Advent Calendar style last year, starting here.

I am going to hand quilt it in a very, very dull manner. Merely diagonal lines in 3 inch intervals. I think this will furthermore stress the traditional look. And besides, I couldn’t think of any other freehand design that would work with each and every block. Which is a general problem with sampler quilts. How do you find a quilting design that is able to connect the different blocks and works well on all of them?

Another project I am working on for several weeks now is something I’ve never done before. I am doing a textured quilt sampler (oh no, sampler again). TeresaDownUnder publishes step by step guides at I am really exited about every new block. I am learning to sew pleats, and to smock, and it is so much fun. But I will write about that quilt in detail at another time.

Farmer’s Daughter

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann


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  1. really pretty!

  2. beautiful blocks! Great inspiration as I’m just starting mine and looking at all your blocks for a different perspective on colours and shades.

    At the butterfly block you said you had a sense of de ja vu.
    This is also a very similar block, may it be that it was this one you were thinking about?

  3. Love your color selection. I finished a Farmer’s Wife quilt last year and I love it. Each square was uniquely quilted, just as you did. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But your colors now have me thinking I might want to do another one …. but that’s a couple projects down the road.

    • i’d love to see yours. i’m sure it’s just beautiful! doing a second one is an ambitious idea though 😊 but when i think back to sewing these squares…each one unique…it was so much fun, so why not do a second one? and changing the colours or fabric style, it would be a whole different quilt 🌞


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