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Farmer’s wife: Country Path

Here comes another path themed block. I remember doing three others so far, Flower Garden Path, Garden Path, and Silver Lane. When looking at them all, I must say that they were each rather challenging, and Country Path might emerge as the easiest of them. But they all do look complicated and elaborate. If I had to vote which one was hardest to sew, it would probably be Garden Path.

Country Path

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

The more elaborate a block design, the more examples I find on the internet where mistakes slipped in. With Country Path, a frequent mistake was to not match the prints of the squares and triangles at the block’s sides. This has not too bad an effect on the overall look, maybe just a little “wilder”. But I always like to keep in mind that each of the 111 blocks is just a sample. If you would do a whole Country Path quilt, it would matter very much that these prints fit exactly as in Laurie’s pattern. Because then there would be a continuous band of the same print, both horizontally and vertically. This must look very pretty, I imagine.


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