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Farmer’s wife: Country Farm

When I think of a country farm, pictures of Lancaster County come into my mind. I visited this part of the United States in 1999. The farm houses there looked very different from the ones I am used to around here, and of course this different look attracted me. But I guess the countryside itself—looking differently than at home—streets, fields, fences, and creeks, all looking strange, made a strong impression on me, and shaped a new picture of a typical country farm in my mind.

Country Farm

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

The question remains what this star block has got to do with a farm? As with many other blocks, I found other versions in the internet that slighty differed from Laurie’s. What they have all in common is the star, only the inside of the star varies.

I think this is a very rewarding block. You can use four different prints in a very tidy structure. I especially like the way that the star’s rays are accentuated, because or even though I used the darkest fabric for them.



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