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Farmer’s wife: Quilting

The quilting on my Farmer’s Wife quilt is done. It was done in no time—or so it seemed to me. As I imagined beforehand, I enjoyed re-visiting each square so much.

© 2014 by hs

© 2014 by hs

So another big projects draws to a close. I quilted the outer border in just two days. Now I am only waiting for my fingers to rejuvenate so that I might finish the quilt with a binding. Or rather, with no binding at all.

© 2014 by hs

© 2014 by hs

I had planned to bind the quilt by folding the backing fabric to the front, but it turned out that there is a small distance at one edge of the quilt where the backing fabric is too short. Now I am thinking about finishing the quilt with no binding. The alternative would be to buy binding fabric. Hard decision …

© 2014 by hs

© 2014 by hs

I also thought about labeling each of the 110 squares by embroidering their names on the sashing strips. I would have liked this a lot. But I didn’t come to a satisfactory solution as to how to do it, floss, and colour, without losing the present look and feel. Besides, I think I should have done any embroidery before making the quilt sandwich, so I put the idea aside. So it seems the finishing date is only a few days away.

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  1. Wow. I can not wait to see the whole finished quilt. And I can not believe you hand quilted it…what an achievement.

  2. Marlies Verlinde

    You could also consider doing a faced binding that does not. show at the front, leasing you beautiful workshop to speak for itself.

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