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Farmer’s wife: Flower Pot

I am getting to the point of my Farmer’s Wife project where I cannot help but hear the faint echo of a countdown. Of course, this countdown started right away with me sewing the first block—Wrench. But with only 36 blocks to go, I am beginning to seriously think about what will be when I have finished the last block.

Before I started, I decided on some basics. I wanted to do all 111 blocks. I wanted to set the blocks on point. I wanted the quilt in a turquoise/green colour scheme. And I wanted the sashing strips in grey and the cornerstones in white.

Now, that I am getting closer to the end, my brain automatically starts to plan the missing details. When looking for some white print in my favourite quilt store today, I caught my eyes wandering to a piece of grey fabric. Would this grey go with my Farmer’s Wife turquois? Would it be enough? Could I not buy it even if it didn’t?

Okay, this last question convinced me not to buy it just on spec. Though I have not yet calculated how many yards I will need for my reduced size, I am pretty sure that this piece was to small. And I am resolved to buy this grey fabric only when having some of the blocks with me to see if the colour really works well.

Flower Pot

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