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Here comes the sun

Remember my New York Beauty block? It so happened that I sewed three more. And believe it or not, I joined them to one small wall hanging or table topper.

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

Since it is such a small project, plus my sister recently gave me several reels of red thread, I decided to machine quilt it. I confess I am not very practised in machine quilting, yet I did everything in free motion quilting. Adjusting the stitching speed (foot) to my moving the sandwich (hands) was quite a challenge.

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

On the back, you can see a new (to me) method of hanging a small wall hanging. I simply folded a square piece of fabric in half diagonally and sewed the raw edges in the seam when binding the quilt.  I should have sewn four of these pockets, not just two, so that I was able to forever choose which side is up. Anyway, I might even hang it on point, after all! I am happy to say that sewing this small New York Beauty project quite alleviated my fears about sewing curves, and I would now be happy to sew a bigger quilt.

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

* “Here Comes the Sun” was composed in 1969 by George Harrison while taking a stroll in Eric Clapton’s garden. *

New York Beauty

© 2012 by hs

I just did the first New York Beauty block in my life. I think it is a great pattern, and I have yet to see an ugly one (choice of fabrics excepted).

I admit that I am a little afraid of sewing curves. But seeing so many beautiful quilts with this pattern, I thought, if they can do it why not I?

Okay, it was certainly harder than sewing only straight lines, but then it was much easier than I thought. Maybe years of sewing straight lines somehow prepares you for sewing curves … I don’t know. I am satisfied with the result and now I am tempted to sew some more New York Beauty blocks since I don’t know what to do with this one little block.