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Farmer’s wife: W.C.T.U.

I never heard of an organisation called W.C.T.U. before. But of course, I looked them up as soon as I started sewing this block. Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. I wanted to find a link between this block’s design and them. Maybe their logo looks like this. Nope. Maybe their former logo looked like this. Nope. Maybe … what else? On their website, I read about their history and today’s issues, but I am still at a loss.


© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

Apart from that, I think this block design very unusual, and very pretty. Piecing it was very much fun. In the internet, I found some examples using only two colours, the four big squares in the same colour as the background. I think this very appealing too, but then I decided to go with Laurie and have three different colours.