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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Easter Market

The big event is over: the local Easter Market has opened and closed again its gates. 1,600 visitors found their way to the big cake buffet – and several of them even to the about 30 stands and finally to our little exhibition of quilts. No, seriously, my sister and me had to explain what a quilt is and how it is made, how long it takes to hand stitch all these leaves and hearts and stars more often than I would wish to have to for the rest of my life. But that was the primary intention, after all.

© Heike Scharmann 2010

Many people stood in awe and praised us and our works over and over. Some guys from local newspapers took our foto and interviewed us, others brought their dogs with them and let them rub their noses and butts against our quilts – it was great!

We could even have sold the exhibited quilts off the walls. But as it was never our intention to sell, we had to look into many disappointed faces. Maybe some of the most interested would-be-buyers will call and commission a quilt – but I am rather skeptical about that.

© Heike Scharmann 2010

I found it very exhausting to have so many people around me for two days. More so because I would rather have hid somewhere with my book (I have just recently been infected with the twilight virus after watching the first movie three times and now have read the first book through in two days. Of course, I can’t wait for the DVD of the second movie to come out and must borrow the book from my teenage friend Julia on Friday. Thank you, Julia!)

I know many people of my age who cannot understand why I should like any of that “teenage stuff” but I have meditated on that and here is my simple conclusion: Yes, the twilight saga appeals to teenagers and has been written for teenagers – but it was not written by a teenager but by a woman of almost exactly my age. And of course, it is not unnatural to identify with a novel’s characters even if they are not your own age. But nobody will give you a queer look when you tell them you liked – say – The Bridges of Madison County even if they know that the characters are double your own age. We learn: age is nothing, situation and story is everything.

© Heike Scharmann 2010

Ah, one more word: the weather. Everybody is sooooo bored with winter and snow. Where is global warming when you need it?