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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Farmer’s wife: resumed

Finally, I have some small news concerning my farmer’s wife quilt. This morning, I went to the quilt store in order to pick the fabric for the sashing and the setting triangles.

I still had not made up my mind what colour it would be. All I new was that the cornerstones should be white. I “sewed” a virtual quilt top on my PC some time ago with the original photos of my blocks. Strangely enough, the quilt looked best when using a black sashing. But I did not want a black sashing!

In the quilt store, I was in luck twice. First, the shop owner—a very experienced quilter with a taste not too far from my own—was in herself and offered to assist in the fabric choice. I told her of my virtual quilt and showed her a black print which I had just pulled from one of the shelves. We laid some of my blocks out on it and agreed that it went well.

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

Then she handed me a dotted grey print—not a cold blue-gray which I would have chosen, but a warm brown-grey—and it looked wonderful against my turquoise blocks. She said that brown always goes well with turquoise which astonished me. She then found a true brown print and spread some of my blocks on it. I tell you the truth, it looked really really good. Amazing!

While she attended another customer, she advised me to go and look out for similar options. Now I browsed the shelves for all kinds of greys and browns and found out that a dark blue print would work as well.

Finally, I opted for the dotted grey print which will give my farmer’s wife quilt just the final touch of colour it needs. And I am still astonished that it matched better than any other colour—even better than some grey/turquoise prints.

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

The turquoise/white print for the setting triangles, I found by myself, but she confirmed my choice heartily. And when paying, I learned about my second point of luck when she told me that this grey fabric had just recently arrived and I was the first to buy a piece of the bolt.