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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Keep on keepin’ on

© 2010 by Heike Scharmann

Someone told me the other day to keep on blogging. “If you’re doing a new quilt you surely will write about it in your blog, will you?” Didn’t think of that. “But of course!” I answered.

As you can imagine, I already have a new project. It is bigger than Seaside Cotillion and will take much longer. Again, I owe the pattern of this wonderful piece (and believe me, it is going to be wonderful) to McCall’s Quilting Magazine. They split it up into six parts so that every eight weeks I will get a fresh bite of the cake.

The Jan/Feb issue features three blocks, and I have just finished the second. See the results:

Shining Sun

© 2010 by Heike Scharmann


© 2010 by Heike Scharmann

As regularly as I puncture my finger while sewing by hand or quilting, I successfully do the same when sewing by machine. Apparently, I have my fingers too close to the needle while my foot is already pressing the pedal. Pulling back the hand as a reflex action, I even broke a needle once. But today no harm was done to my wonderful Bernina.

Speaking of Bernina. You surely know that this is also the name of a part of the Swiss Alps. Piz Bernina is the only peak of the Eastern Alps reaching over 4,000 meters and the highest elevation of the canton Graubünden. When I peek out of the window I can see nothing but a snow flurry—like I was in the Alps.

© 2010 by Heike Scharmann