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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Born in a Barn

Christmas has come and gone pretty quietly. Quietly in two ways. The snow—fallen without making any noise itself—absorbed many sounds as long as it was fresh and fluffy. And we invited our relatives separately on two days so that noone had even the chance to get into another’s way.

Now the new year has already begun, and I still have a few days off. I took the opportunity and made a trip to the biggest quilt store within my reach. I even brought my Bernina with me and had it maintained while I shopped for fabrics. I procured a new cutting mat as well, since the old one fed me with lots and lots of tiny green snippets of plastic every time I made use of it.

The third of the first three blocks still needed to be finished—an appliquéd star wouldn’t want to shine its light on the barn because I couldn’t decide on the fabric. Barn and star? No—you are on the wrong track, I assure you. This block has more to do with Labour Day than Christmas. Honouring all the men and women who spend their lives toiling on a farm—yet romanticizing it by putting a neat shining star in the cloudless sky.

© 2011 by Heike Scharmann

Happy leisure-time!